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Quartz, Granite, Marble and PORCELAIN

At Central Carolina Countertops, we’re here to make your life easy. We want to make sure that you’re never surprised by the cost of a project, so we offer a free digital template and free estimates so you can price out your options. 

  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Porcelain
  • Lucastone
  • Caesarstone
  • Curava
  • Silestone
  • Stonebasyx
  • Daltile
  • Trade Venture Stone
  • MSI

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At Central Carolina Countertops, we have an on-site slab yard where you can pick out your own granite slabs for use in your kitchen or bath. We also offer professional fabrication services that are done on-site. We utilize a thorough approach, checking for flaws such as blemishes, seams, and scratches, as well as testing the structural integrity.


The synthetic nature of quartz countertops gives them excellent flexibility. For instance, they can be cast in massive sections that allow you to enjoy a seamless run that’s many feet in length. In addition, the resins in quartz allow for precision cuts compared with granite, so fabricated quartz achieves greater detail.

porcelain countertops

When porcelain slabs are manufactured for use in countertops, they’re coated with a pigmented glaze. This is to give them an aesthetic appeal similar to that of natural stone or even marble. Since it’s stylish, resistant to daily wear and tear, and comes in various colours and patterns, it can be the perfect addition to your decor.

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